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Welcome to Champ Kart Racing

Design, performance and safety are our development targets. The fascination of motor sport is our driving force. Innovation the result.

C-K-R Steering Wheels for Kart Racing

Highly sophisticated, adjustable chassis, water-cooled engines with onboard starters - and now finally a state-of-the-art multifunction steering wheel.

CIK-FIA approved, made of premium quality plastic material, carbon-finish.

Design and performance from the Formula sport.

An ergonomical 315mm diameter steering wheel with soft grip for better handling and precise steering manoeuvres.

Optimal positioning of the display screen, main switch and start button - giving more comfort and maximum safety for the driver.

Precise fitting allow the display screen to be integrated into the steering wheel.

All switches are dust and water tight for unlimited use inside and outside.

Perfect in detail:

connection of switches and sensors

Steering wheel hubs: standard version, cranked or with clutch lever for shifter karts, adjustable (see accessories)

Connection of the C-K-R steering wheel to the onboard network of all engines with onboard starters is simple and easy to understand. (see wiring diagram)

Hence, the C-K-R steering wheel is ready for future engine generations already.

To see the wiring diagram, please click on:

Wiring diagram.pdf

The C-K-R steering wheel combines technology and emotions.

Kartsport in a new dimension

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Thanks a lot and keep racing! Your C-K-R Team



vom 02.12.2011:

C-K-R successful in USA!
Harry Coulton with some wins at
popular Manufacturers-Cup-2011.


vom 26.05.2010:
C-K-R Pilot won Florida-Winter-Tour 2010!
Anthony Gangi jr. , driver of the G7-Motorsport-Team,
won the FWT-2010 with C-K-R...
vom 21.04.2010:
C-K-R Pilot starts with 2 Wins in RMC2010!
Larry ten Voorde takes a perfect start into the new
2010 RMC season and won the ...
vom 02.04.2010:
Brad Brunner- a succesful story!
After some national and international Championships
Brad takes the next step.
This ye...
vom 10.09.2009:
C-K-R Pilots are the Champions!
2 winning championchips in German RMC
with C-K-R performance.
Larry ten Voorde in the ...